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Good Reads

Users of Essential for Living may find the following books, articles, papers, and videos useful:

A video you will treasure forever…

Science and Human BehaviorVerbal Behaviorand About Behaviorism … all by B. F. Skinner
Learning by A. Charles Catania

A collection of articles, books, and videos complied by Carl Binder on direct, continuous measurement, standard celebration charting, and fluency… this compilation includes the published and unpublished papers… and links to all the publications of Ogden R. Lindsley

Carl Binder’s classic article on fluency

Another article on the value of fluency by Carl Binder

What has become a classic book on the analysis of verbal behavior and it’s application…
Greer, R. D., & Ross, D. E. (2008). Verbal Behavior Analysis: Inducing and expanding new verbal capabilities in children with language delays. Pearson Education (Allyn and Bacon): Boston, MA.

A review article by Esther Shafer on various ways to teach children and adults how to make requests
Shafer, E. (1994). A review of interventions to teach a mand repertoire. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 12, 53-66.

A textual and graphic tutorial on how to use the Standard Celeration Chart  by Owen White and Malcolm Neely…
White, O.R., & Neely, M.D. (2012). The chart book: an overview of Standard Celeration Chart conventions and practices. Seattle: University of Washington, College of Education.

A description of the beginnings and elements of ‘Precision Teaching’…

An informative video on the disadvantages of the ‘Core Vocabulary’ for learners with limited speaking repertoires…

Curricular Materials | To order copies of Essential for Living, including the Learner Scoring Manuals; to purchase materials useful for preparing for BACB certification exams; to order copies of Dr. McGreevy’s book Teaching and Learning in Plain English; to purchase copies of Volumes 2-5 of the Behavior Analysis Applications in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Series by Dr. Dennis Reid, and, to purchase other books and materials regarding the science and practice of behavior analysis. | To order copies of Essential for Living, including the Learner Scoring Manuals; to order copies of The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: The VB-MAPP by Dr. Mark Sundberg; and to purchase other materials which are very useful for implementing ABA-Verbal Behavior Programs. | To order copies of Essential for Living, including the Learner Scoring Manuals and to purchase other books and materials which are very useful for implementing programs for individuals with special needs. | To order copies of Essential for Living, including the Learner Scoring Manuals; orders from the UK, France, Spain, and other locations in western and eastern Europe will be delivered more rapidly and with reduced shipping charges. | To order The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: The VB-MAPP by Dr. Mark Sundberg; to order copies of Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities by Drs. Mark Sundberg & Jim Partington; and to download materials which are very useful for implementing ABA-Verbal Behavior Programs. | To purchase portable communication books. | To view quick video clips of ASL signs.

Dr. Vince Carbone | To learn about workshops conducted by Dr. Vince Carbone and his associates and to access their publications.

Dr. Greg Hanley | To learn about Practical Functional Assessment and the subsequent treatment of communication, cooperation, and toleration skills described by Dr. Greg Hanley and his students. | To listen to The Behavioral Observations Podcasts produced by Matthew Cicoria, especially those with Dr. McGreevy and Dr. Hanley

Dr. Dennis Reid | To read his books on training and motivating direct care staff.

Precision Teaching & Standard Celeration Charting | To purchase materials used in Standard Celeration Charting and Precision Teaching. | To learn about and subscribe to ‘Chartlytics’, which provides an electronic version of the Standard Celeration Chart and other resources related to Precision Teaching. | To access the colleagues, information, and services provided by the Standard Celeration Society.

Crisis Stabilization | To learn about Professional Crisis Management, the most effective crisis management system available.

Organizations and Publications | To learn about publications related to the science of human behavior that are free or low cost and to support the ongoing work of behavior analysts. | To become a member, to attend the annual conference of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, or to purchase a book or journal from the ABAI Bookstore. | To learn about Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst or an Associate Behavior Analyst.

Autism Parenting Magazine – For you and your child | A magazine for parents. 

Behavioral Programs and Services | The website of Troy Fry, one of our associates, describing his services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. | The website of Colleen Cornwall, one of our associates, describing her program and services for students with autism and related developmental disabilities. | To review research on teaching hearing infants to communicate with signs. | To learn more about The MotivAider — a device used for changing personal (public or private) behaviors.

Our Program of the Month…

special recognition for a program serving children or adults with limited skill repertoires…



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