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The Essential for Living Curriculum and Teaching Procedures: An Introductory Course

This online course travels on-site with Dr. McGreevy and Troy Fry, BCBA as they deliver an 8.5 hour overview of how to utilize the EFL and it’s conception. Venture along with them as they visit Upstate Caring Partners (UCP), located in Utica, NY, USA. They observe the unique implementations of the tool occurring at UCP, talk to parents of children with moderate-to-severe disabilities, and tour the facility to help consult on unique cases utilizing the EFL.

A total of eight (8) BACB® Learning CEUs Available


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Focusing on Quality of Life

In the early part of his career as a teacher and behavior analyst, McGreevy was drawn to practical applications for children and adults with moderate-to-severe disabilities, especially those with severe forms of self-injurious and aggressive behavior. He was particularly interested in functional skills that resulted in an improved quality of life. See a sample of this below.


Later in his life, he married into a family with two children, one of whom, Kristin, had Down Syndrome. And from then on, until she passed way from a congenital heart condition, he experienced teaching and behavior analysis as a consumer, as well as a professional practitioner. Watch Dr. McGreevy recall Kristin below.

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What People Are Saying

We asked parents what was making a difference…

“He wants to be able to be part of society, part of community… and it’s just incredible because it makes his father and I feel confident that he is going to be able to have a productive life beyond us. I’m encouraged… and thank you, without this program we don’t know where we would be.”

Susan Callaghan

“And then all of a sudden, he started being able to wait, and he started being able to going to the doctor’s office…that’s whey they started talking about Essential For Living.”

Bobbi Rodgers

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