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Users of Essential for Living may find the following articles, books, and videos useful:

A collection of articles, books, and videos complied by Carl Binder on direct, continuous measurement, standard celebration charting, and fluency… this compilation includes the published and unpublished papers… and links to all the publications of Ogden R. Lindsley

Carl Binder’s classic article on fluency

What has become a classic book on the analysis of verbal behavior and it’s application…
Greer, R. D., & Ross, D. E. (2008). Verbal Behavior Analysis: Inducing and expanding new verbal capabilities in children with language delays. Pearson Education (Allyn and Bacon): Boston, MA.

A review article by Esther Shafer on various ways to teach children and adults how to make requests
Shafer, E. (1994). A review of interventions to teach a mand repertoire. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 12, 53-66.

A textual and graphic tutorial on how to use the Standard Celeration Chart  by Owen White and Malcolm Neely…
White, O.R., & Neely, M.D. (2012). The chart book: an overview of Standard Celeration Chart conventions and practices. Seattle: University of Washington, College of Education.

A description of the beginnings and elements of ‘Precision Teaching’

An informative video on the disadvantages of the ‘Core Vocabulary’ for learners with limited speaking repertoires…