Training Materials

Click on the link below.

  1. to view the steps of ‘Getting Started with EFL’
  2. to view and print the Revised Introduction and User Guide for Essential for Living
  3. to review FAQs about Essential for Living
  4. to view a slideshow on ‘The Major Features of Essential for Living’
  5. to view a slideshow on ‘The Essential Eight Skills and Method of Speaking’
  6. to view a slideshow on the importance of teaching functional skills
  7. to view a document which describes when to use the VB-MAPP and when to use Essential for Living
  8. to view a sample assessment and record of progress for a specific learner

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Podcasts Available

Patrick McGreevy with Matt Cicoria [Behavioral Observations] Teaching Functional Skills — July, 2017

Patrick McGreevy with Matt Cicoria [Behavioral Observations] Teaching Beyond the 1:1 Context — April, 2019

Patrick McGreevy with Matt Cicoria [Behavioral Observations] When Language Becomes a Barrier — February, 2020

Videos (The EFL YouTube Channel)

Our YouTube Channel contains several introductory and training videos. Especially note EFL-Video 3, which is a 1 hour and 15 minute video on ‘How to Use EFL)…


A Group of Adults in Italy
and A Quality of Life Experience:

Please join us in contributing to the International Red Cross to support the people of Ukraine as they ‘mand’ for the return of their freedom…

Miguel Avila and his team are working on
Spanish translation of Essential for Living
which should be available in…
about three months

for more information…
Interested in a free trial account of the EFL APP:

Essential for Living Workshops and Q & A Sessions

Learning to Use EFL: An Online Workshop…  98.00

Live and ON-DEMAND workshops will continue to be provided by Patrick McGreevy and Troy Fry and will now be managed by Behavior Live. Participants can earn 2 Standard and 2 Ethics BACB CEUs [with no additional charge]  An EFL handbook and the EFL Teaching Manual…  along with a downloaded and printed copy of the EFL User Guide are strongly encouraged…
The next live workshop will be Aug. 23 from 12:00-4:00 pm New York time
(will be posted soon)
ON-DEMAND workshops are also currently available
We recommend attending one of these live or on-demand workshops and then coming to ‘one or more’ of our free one-hour online Q and A sessions…

One-hour EFL Online Q & A Session…………….  free

The next Q and A sessions will be Aug. 5, 11, 17, and 29